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Tricia is currently producing and directing the feature film parody, Fifty Shades of F****D Up, Not Darker Not Freed, starring Bryce Pinkham as Christian Grey. She recently directed and staged a reading of Carson The Musical, based on Henry Bushkin's book; Carson. She recently directed the series Sublets and choreographed six episodes of Black Box on ABC starring Kelly Reilly. Tricia received a Golden Thumb award from Roger Ebert for her choreography in Romance and Cigarettes, John Turturo's feature film where she worked closely with; James Gandolfini, Susan Sarandon, Kate Winslet, Christopher Walken, Bobby Canavale, Steve Buscemi and Eddie Izzard. She and her choreography can also be seen on The Affair, on HBO, as well as Dennis Leary's Rescue Me on FOX and Lasse Hallstrom's The Hoax, starring Richard Gere and a short film called Rolling In The Ring Of Fire. Her choreography is also featured in Bosch and Capitol One Commercials.

Tricia has written, directed and choreographed Dancing Through It at The Cherry Lane Theater and The One Festival in New York City, Committed, which had a sold out run at The West End Theater in New York City and City Repertory Theater in Florida as well as the stage version of 50 Shades of F****D Up, A Musical Parody, produced at The Red House Theater in Syracuse, Sophie's on Broadway and Stage 72 in NYC. She has directed Bette Davis Ain't For Sissies, and has directed and choreographed, The Guardians, See You At The Funeral! The Taffetas, I Love You, You're Perfect Now Change! Bingo, The Winning Musical, Popesical. Broadway Varietease, Erotic Broadway;Vintage Variety and Frankie and Debbie Live at the Martini Lounge. Her choreography includes- Zombies: A Musical at Playwrights Horizons and the Off Broadway Tokio Confidential at Atlantic Stage 2, Dining Alone at Dance Theater Workshop, The A Train Musicals, The Fred Astaire Awards as well as The New York Musical Theater Festival.

Tricia is also very involved with Visible Ink, a writing program at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital, where cancer patients are given mentors to guide them in writing during their treatment and recovery at the hospital. In addition, she is also a directing mentor for Girl Be Heard, an organization empowering girls to share their stories.

In addition to directing/choreographing and writing, Tricia has also produced the stage shows: Committed, 50 Shades of F****D Up, Frankie and Debbie; Live At The Martini Lounge, Erotic Broadway, Broadway Varietease, Dining Alone, as well as the short film Rolling In The Ring Of Fire. Tricia is also the executive producer of Sublets a new series and is co-producing Fifty Shades of F****D Up Not Darker Not Freed, along side Samuel Froeschle and Ground Hero Film.

Her work has been recently seen at Joe's Pub, BC Beat, Stage 72, and The Cutting Room in New York City.

Tricia is a member of The Screen Actors Guild, The Stage Directors and Choreographers Society, Dramatists Guild of America, New York Women in Film and Television, and The League of Professional Women in Theater.



Photos by Andrew Matusik

Reviews The choreography, by Tricia Brouk, lends an irresistible, maniacal dimension to Turturro’s vision, especially in a salsa number complete with firemen in a conga line, clamoring after Kate Winslet’s vampish shopgirl Tula, who entices and eludes them all in her form-fitting engine-red vinyl dress.

KWMU Radio- There's something odd about "Romance and Cigarettes," a two-year-old movie written and directed by John Turturro. There are moments when it is just brilliant, especially in some off-the-wall sequences when Tricia Brouk shows spectacular choreography, and dancers to match.

The New Yorker- Turturro has his actors sing along with the recorded voices, and the effect is surreal and touching- they all appear to be having the time of their lives.  With matching, witty, working-class choreography by Tricia Brouk.

Scene on Stage by Philip Dorian- Erotic Broadway is well put together, as are all the arteests.
Ms. Brouk, partially covered by feathered fans and little else, dances homage to Sally Rand. It's sexy, for sure, but respectful of that iconic stripper as well. In another bit, she explores the eroticism of sweet buns (the food, the food). Here, She's fully dressed and even sexier.

Broadway After Dark
- Think Gypsy Rose Lee in sophistication, together with a little bawdy, a lot of talent and an evening from which you will walk away smiling. Erotic Broadway/Vintage Variety is a sort of high class PG-13 burlesque. It brings a bit of erotica to the main stage, bridging the gap between late night down and dirty burlesque and a daytime squeaky-clean Broadway Show. - In the hands of Tricia Brouk, when Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel meet, they sing, they dance and they spank. Their witty dialogues put together with choreography by Brouk keeps the audience engaged.Only encompassing a part of the book, 50 Shades Of F****d Up achieves what it sets out to do. The catchy lyrics and rhythms and energetic, upbeat choreography present a mockery of the themes presented in the book. But what it also does is provide fans with a theatrical version of the story that entertains with a comic approach.