Musical Spotlight on Mental Illness
09 Apr 2014

Committed: The Musical explores the fictional world of a late-1980s psychiatric ward

Upper West Side After the success of her recent parody musical, “50 Shades of Fucked Up,” writer, director and choreographer Tricia Brouk started writing what she thought was another comedy, settling on a psychiatric ward for the setting. But as she researched mental health issues, prescription drug use and inpatient clinics, she discovered the subject matter was much heavier than she anticipated.

“I realized I had an opportunity to bring awareness and use art to destigmatize mental illness,” said Brouk.

Working with composer and lyricist Andrew David Sotomayor, her collaborator on “50 Shades of Fucked Up,” Brouk developed her latest musical, “Committed,” which opens at the West End Theater on April 17. Set in an Upper East Side psychiatric ward in 1989, the play explores the pain, complexities and sometimes humorous circumstances that eight inpatients experience during one typical afternoon.