10 Surprising Facts About How Hollywood Sex Scenes Really Get Made
18 Apr 2018

1. Dance choreographers are often called in to help. It takes a lot of thought to make on-screen hookups seem both spontaneous and graceful — i.e. nothing like messy regular-people sex. New York-based choreographer Tricia Brouk has been brought on to help map out scenes that include especially physical movements. (Her credits include the short-lived ABC series Black Box and the Off-Off Broadway musical Tokyo Confidential.) She first choreographs the scene with herself and another dancer, then shows what she calls her “dance” to the actors and director. She’ll then teach the routine to each actor as she plays the opposite role. “Nothing is left to chance,” she says, “so that no one feels like they are being groped, which could make an actor feel unsafe and therefore unable to be present in the scene.”