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The Art of The Big Talk

The Art of The Big Talk masterclass gives you the space and time to explore the process of writing your big talk, through daily guidance from Tricia.

Tricia created this course to support you on your writing process so you can put those doubts aside and get to the work of creating your life- changing talk.

What her clients are saying

I can feel how deeply our work will impact both my business and my brand. Having Tricia guide me through the process of creating a talk, with the daily prompts and assignments, motivates me to see it through, while also stripping away any fears that the talk won’t take shape.

Malina Malkani
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

The Fearless Speaker

The Fearless Speaker features the signature Brouk Method, giving you access to the 25+ years of experience in film, television, and theater that have made Tricia Brouk one of the most sought-after coaches and directors. She’ll coach you with the same proven techniques she’s used to direct actors on the big screen.

What her clients are saying

I worked with a lot of directors before, I used to be an actor. And nobody actually made it feel so safe to make choices and play with public speaking and with being onstage the way that Tricia Brouk has. She expects and brings out the best in you, but at the same time it’s in a way that makes you feel completely safe to be vulnerable and to be yourself and to be open-hearted onstage.

Sarah Montana
Speaker & Writer

Pitch Perfect

You’ve got something to say… but you need a stage to share your message.

Applying and pitching yourself to events and organizers can be overwhelming, but with award winning director, writer, coach, and speaker Tricia Brouk guiding you, you can create the perfect pitch.  Tricia uses her 25+ years of experience pitching for film, television and stage to help you identify speaking opportunities and craft winning applications.

What her clients are saying

One of the things Tricia asked early in the process was “who is this talk for”. Tricia helped me to see how I could take my story and deliver it in a way that could reach the audiences across different arenas

Pamay Bassey
Author and Chief Experience Officer, My 52 Weeks of Worship Project

How To Captivate An Audience

Great speakers impact their audiences not just by what they say, but how they say it. They captivate their listeners from start to finish with compelling delivery and confident stage presence.

Your message can be just as impactful. You know what you want to say, and now you can be guided by award winning director, writer, coach, and speaker Tricia Brouk on how to say it with authority and authenticity.

What her clients are saying

I think of Tricia like a dynamic coach. She helps take talent from someone and brings them to the next level. Tricia gave me structure, because you can’t free-style forever.

Jim Curtis
Author and President of Remedy Health Media

The Seven Step Formula for Fearless Speaking

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