Tricia Brouk

teaches you how to captivate your audience

Two part docu-series,

produced by The Big Talk Productions, on how to fill out winning applications, understanding through-line, arc, style, companion reference guides, templates and worksheets. And Tricia talks with Hamilton’s Antuan Raimone and TEDx speaker Sarah Montana on how they combat nerves, so they can deliver a captivating performance every time.

Captivate your audience:

Tricia Brouk has been called a starry, sparkling stage presence, one of the most beautiful and accomplished women on New York stages by Ballet Review. The New York Times said Tricia embodies clarity, freshness and … a dramatic intuitiveness that has lent her dancing an effervescent elegance.  She knows what it takes to be captivating.

Your message can be just as impactful. You know what you want to say, and now you can be guided by award-winning director, writer, coach, and speaker Tricia Brouk on how to say it with authority and authenticity.


Tricia knows how to bring out the fearless and powerful speaker in you. She’s worked with actors and speakers in Broadway productions, television, film, and on stages with a global reach. Her 25+ years of experience will help you discover your own powerful stage presence, so you can deliver a standing ovation worthy talk every time.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Advance Audience Analysis

Template: Email to gather audience information


Worksheet: Leveraging advance audience analysis data to identify what you want from your audience

9 Ways to Captivate Your Audience

Worksheet: A step by step guide on how to captivate your audience from your first line to your last 

Reference Guide

Using the four elements to counteract nerves


Two actors share with Tricia their experience with nerves and proven techniques for combatting them

The 7 Step Formula for Fearless Speaking

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getting tips on public speaking.