Tricia Brouk

teaches you to pitch perfectly

One part docu-series,

produced by The Big Talk Productions, on how to fill out a winning application every time, with companion reference guides, templates and worksheets.

Get yourself chosen:

Award winning director, Tricia Brouk has pitched Comedy Central, HBO, Broadway producers and casting agents. She also receives hundreds of applications for TEDxLincolnSquare every year. She knows what it takes to write and deliver a successful pitch.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Foundations: Becoming a Speaker

Build your speaker platform with these effective steps, including how to research events and organizations
Worksheet: Three easy steps to identifying speaking opportunities

Action Steps to Apply for an Event

Worksheet: Before and after the application process

Worksheet & Companion Docu-series with Tricia on how to fill out a winning application:

• Idea vs. Issue
• Gift vs. Ask
• Style
• Through-line
• Context

Crafting Your Inquiry Email

Template: Email inquiry

Worksheets: Before and after the pitch

The 7 Step Formula for Fearless Speaking

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