Tricia Brouk

teaches The Art of the Big Talk

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18 audio guides and companion worksheets,

where Tricia guides you through identifying your ideas and writing your life-changing talk. Tricia guides you step by step until you have completed your big talk.

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Tricia Brouk is an award-winning director, and published author and the executive producer of TEDxLinconSquare. She has worked with playwrights, authors and TEDx speakers on crafting compelling work. Tricia allows for your process within her process.

The Art of The Big Talk is 7 week comprehensive journey of identifying and crafting your life-changing talk, that will help you write an extraordinary signature speech and get you one step closer to taking the big stage.

Week 1

Tricia will help you come up with over 100 ideas in the first week together 100 ideas to work from.

Week 2

Tricia helps you take all those ideas through a series of qualifiers, until you’ve edited your list down to just five ideas.

Week 3

Tricia helps you write your through-line so you can be clear when you begin to write.

Week 4

You begin the writing process to generate content.

Week 5

Tricia introduces you to the different styles you can use to write your big talk.

Week 6

You will have generated tons of material for your big talk, so Tricia be teaching you about structure. She will be supporting you in writing your big talk the entire way.

Week 7

Tricia teaches you about the difference between writing an opening and a closing versus and introduction and a conclusion.

During this entire process, Tricia will keep you accountable through audio prompts. You will have a big talk at the end of this masterclass, if you do the work. You are going to start with an idea, and end with a life-changing talk. And you deserve to experience this process. You have something important to say and we want to hear it.


You can spend as much or as little time as you personally need in your daily process. You may need one hour a day. You may work fast and only spend 30 minutes. Within Tricia’s process of The Art Of The Big Talk, that she’s broken down into seven weeks, you get to have your process. Tricia created this course to take seven weeks, so you can have an expansive experience, but you can also do the course as quickly as you like because you’ll have access to everything all at once. You are going to identify a personal and global idea, write a life-changing talk and be one step closer to taking the stage.

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