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Pitch Perfect Logo in Orange and Purple Colors

start getting paid to speak

Do you want to know what organizers are looking for in applications?

Do you want to know how to find speaking engagements?

Do you wish you had the language, pitch ideas and support on knowing how to start getting paid to speak?

You no longer have to wonder how to craft your inquiry email or what to say when you want to pitch yourself as a speaker.

In this one part video series, Tricia will teach you

→ the language you can use when reaching out to organizers to help you start getting paid to speak.

→ She will provide you with the templates, scripts and resources to assist you in having the clarity and confidence to pitch yourself to speaking engagements over and over.

Tricia Brouk top coach and mentor

International award winning director and Executive Producer of Speakers Who Dare, Tricia Brouk, knows the art of the big talk. In less than 3 years she has put over 50+ speakers onto more than 15+ TEDx stages and 14 of them are on the TED.com main stage. She designs speaker platforms for thought-leaders all over the world, and mentors her community of speakers with over three decades of expertise in theatrical performance.