Do you dream of speaking on a TED or TEDx stage?

Does the thought of how, overwhelm you?

Have you tried and failed to locate applications for events?

Are you unsure where to begin?

Your dream of stepping into that red circle and having a global impact can become a reality.

Learn how and stop putting it off for good.

Get access to vetted events and submit your application.

All you need to begin is… 

courage and the support of someone who’s been there.

According to their best estimates, TED has surpassed a billion video views!  Their most recent metrics show that TED talks are being viewed at a rate of 1.5 millions times a day – which means that a new viewing commences 17 times a second. Clearly being on a TED stage results in more visibility and opportunities for success in your business.

Award winning director and former Executive Producer of TEDxLincolnSquare is pulling back the curtain on TED. Tricia has put 50+ speakers on more than 15+ TEDx stages. And 14 of them are on main stage. In October, Tricia has 9 speakers taking the TEDxFarmingdale stage, including Kate MacKinnon who is an alum of this masterclass.

– Kate MacKinnon –

In this two day virtual masterclass, you will learn:

…how to identify your “Idea Worth Spreading”

…how to write application content based on your idea and 

…how to apply to events so that you can apply over and over again  (not having to reinvent the  wheel each time you apply to a new event is a massive time saver)

When and what time? 

August 13 from 11-4:30 EST
– AND –
August 14 from 11-4:30 EST


Virtual via Zoom – From the comfort of your home or office



Pulling back the curtain:

  • You will learn the history of TED
  • Tricia will share her experience of being Executive Director of TEDxLincolnSquare
  • She will also talk about what organizers prefer and do not prefer.
  • She will talk about why it’s important  to vet organizers and what they are actually looking for.
  • She will also share any events that are currently looking  for speakers, so you  can literally apply after the workshop.


  • Tricia helps you mine your ideas.
  • Land on and clarify your idea worth spreading.
  • You will learn the language of TED, so you  can speak it in your application and in the interview process.
  • Tricia helps you understand what makes an application stand out, what language organizers are looking for and how to get totally dialed in on your content.
  • You  will fill out an application that will remain your go to over and over again.

What People Are Saying

Ming ShelbyEducator and TEDx speaker

Valerie Chan –  Founder of Plat4orm a global strategic communications agency.

LeRon Barton–  Author and TEDx Speaker

Dr. Wayne Pernell –  Author, Breakthrough Coach

Elizabeth Molina TEDx speaker, Founder of the Molina Glow and Your Beauty Guru

Marisa Zalabak, TEDx Speakr, Author Advocate

Nikki NashHay House Author, Speaker, Founder and CEO of Market Your Genius

save your seat today!

About your mentor, Tricia Brouk

You have a powerful, world-changing story to tell. And I can help you be heard.

My purpose is to help people find their voice, whether it’s from the big stage or from the big screen, so they can share important messages and help make the world a better place:

To give voice to those who are not always heard.

To give a platform to those who have powerful messages. 

To support those who are meant to have global impact. 

I create a safe container of non judgment and compassion, powered by deep listening skills honed over years of drawing out actors’ best performances. 

You can trust me—with your story, your trauma, your weakness, your person. We go deep and then come up healed so your message can be shared. 

I am fearless. I’m not afraid to be criticized, get it wrong, be called out. I am willing to get dirty, and be vulnerable and awkward first—so you feel at ease. I don’t see difficulty; I know how resilient we are.

I have a gift for pulling out the detail on which the whole talk hinges, a knack for seeing the miraculous in the simple, or the magic and majesty in the mundane.

I am a speaking and performance expert with 30 years’ international award-winning experience in theater and entertainment. I come to the table with business acumen as well as an artist’s soul and a generous heart.

I am a passionate advocate, committed to diversity and inclusion. I grew up in a small all-white town. It wasn’t until I went to college and began to educate myself and spend time with people who aren’t like me. (I finally fit in!) I made it my cause and my way of moving through the world to be accepting of all human beings.