You have an idea

An idea is where it all starts. Your idea can become something powerful when read, performed or witnessed by the world. When you enlist the help of Tricia, she doesn’t stop until she fleshes it out, helps you writes, re-write, and re-write again. Tricia is relentless in her pursuit of the right voice, the perfect arc, and the epic ending. She has written in several forms for the stage, the small screen, the big screen, and the bookshelf; her work includes: 

• Sitcom pilot – Hail Mary
• Musical – 50 Shades of F****D Up
• Musical – Committed
• Screenplay – Fifty Shades of F****D Up
• One Woman Show- Dancing Through It
• Book – A Life In Dance
• Stage – I Stand Up
• TEDx – A Brain Injury is like a fingerprint, no two are alike

What her clients are saying

Tricia Brouk is particularly skilled at working with playwrights developing new plays for the stage. I would compare her approach to that of a doula or midwife for the playwright, as she puts herself in full alignment with the author, reassuring them that she is on their side, there to help, there to watch for problems. As the “pregnancy” continues, Tricia asks questions, draws out themes, coaxes out complications or weakness in the writing or story. Because she is always looking for your intention and giving you ways to realize your vision (not hers; I never feel like she has her own agenda), she gains our full confidence. We will be willing to share our most intimate secrets with her, not hold anything back, because we trust her to help us get through this crazy, difficult, often discouraging birthing process with our head held high and our confidence and dignity intact. And with male playwrights like myself maintaining our dignity in this process is essential.

Beck Lee,

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