Your Voice Matters. 

The world needs your story, now more than ever.

Big Stories, Big Talks, Big Impact

Your story is important because there is a person out there meant to hear it, whose experience will be changed forever when they receive the hope, inspiration, information or solution they need… That only you can deliver.

You are being deeply called to be an influential voice. But in today’s rapidly changing, noisy landscape, to be truly heard, it’s not just a matter of turning up the volume. 

It is a matter of honing your transformational talk for greatest impact, and getting yourself on the world’s most influential stages—so your story can heal and inspire millions of people. 

This is what we support you to do in the Big Talk Membership Community.

Now is the time

We are at a historic crossroads. 

One of the most important conversations of our time, around systemic racism, diversity, representation, and equality, is happening right now

The world is being cracked open, as all perspectives demand to be heard, acknowledged, considered, healed, and loved.

What perspective do you bring to the table? Who could you help with your story? What you say and how you say it are the legacy you leave behind.

Powerful and influential voices need to be heard, encouraging and facilitating understanding, compassion, and love—to ignite and inspire the change we so desperately need.

Yours is one of these voices.

Who you are

You are a thought leader. A changemaker, wayshower, positive disruptor. You are a catalyst for change in your community, industry, and the world. 

You’ve achieved a level of success and are ready for the next level. You may be a seasoned speaker, or relative newbie and/or leader in your field. You desire to elevate, amplify and accelerate your impact. 

You come from a place of deep service. You are devoted to sharing your message in order to help others.

You’re open, curious and coachable. You are willing to be vulnerable, and open to being called on your stuff. (p.s. We all have stuff.) 

You honor all perspectives. Diversity and representation are important to you. 

You take the responsibility of using your voice for change seriously. You understand that we are limitless creators in a world of infinite possibility.

You dive deep. Honestly, you wouldn’t have it any other way. 

You’re positive. You’re human like the rest of us, so you have your moments… but then you get over them. At your heart, you’re an optimist. 

You are willing to do the work. To do whatever it takes. Becoming an influential voice takes grit and courage. It often means doing the thing you dread most: facing your fear, being honest, being vulnerable.  

Where you are now

Everything’s “fine.” But you don’t know where to go to get what you need as a developing speaker.

Elsewhere, you may have felt alienated, or that you didn’t quite belong. (Many of our members breathe a sigh of relief when they hop on the first call and realize that everyone is represented.)

You’ve been working at the surface level, and know there’s something deeper you want to express. (You just don’t yet know how to get to it.)

You’re a good speaker…. In fact, you’re very good. In your heart, however, you know that this isn’t even a fraction of what you can do, and it’s time to seriously up your game.

Who you’re not

If the core of your message is a story that still wounds you… I honor your experience. And, you have some healing work to do first. We’ll be waiting for you on the other side.

If you’re looking for “hacks” for the big stage, or “tricks” for captivating your audience… You won’t find any superficial tactics here. This is not your typical “speaker training” or “get over fear of public speaking” club. 

If you are generally negative, resistant to feedback, or someone who struggles with self-love and confidence, constantly comparing themselves to others… Then this is not the community for you.

And if your sole intention is to use public speaking as part of a marketing strategy, or to pitch from stage, those are totally valid motives. But you’d be better served elsewhere. 

Will getting your big talk on big stages drive business to you, and grow your platform and revenue? Absolutely.  Is that the main reason why my speakers work with me? Nope. Their missions are way bigger than that.

You changed my life. You helped me understand why I’m on this planet. I will never be the same.

elizabeth molina

The Big Talk Community Member

The Big Talk Approach

if you're looking for freedom on the outside, you'll never find it. true freedom always comes from the inside.


author and The Big Talk podcast guest

If you walk onto a stage and you’re not clear on who you are, there’s a disconnect. The audience won’t trust you, even if they can’t say why. 


It is only when we take the time to self-actualize, to dive deep and connect with our purpose, that’s when real change happens. It often means touching the raw beating heart of what we experienced.


This is the foundation of our approach at Big Talk. Your Big Talk is built from the inside out. No shortcuts.


This deep, transformational space is not for the faint of heart.

Why me, Tricia Brouk

You have a powerful, world-changing story to tell. And I can help you be heard.

My purpose is to help people find their voice, whether it’s from the big stage or from the big screen, so they can share important messages and help make the world a better place:

To give voice to those who are not always heard.

To give a platform to those who have powerful messages. 

To support those who are meant to have global impact. 

I create a safe container of non judgment and compassion, powered by deep listening skills honed over years of drawing out actors’ best performances. 

You can trust me—with your story, your trauma, your weakness, your person. We go deep and then come up healed so your message can be shared. 

I am fearless. I’m not afraid to be criticized, get it wrong, be called out. I am willing to get dirty, and be vulnerable and awkward first—so you feel at ease. I don’t see difficulty; I know how resilient we are.

I have a gift for pulling out the detail on which the whole talk hinges, a knack for seeing the miraculous in the simple, or the magic and majesty in the mundane.

I am a speaking and performance expert with 30 years’ international award-winning experience in theater and entertainment. I come to the table with business acumen as well as an artist’s soul and a generous heart.

I am a passionate advocate, committed to diversity and inclusion. I grew up in a small all-white town. It wasn’t until I went to college and began to educate myself and spend time with people who aren’t like me. (I finally fit in!) I made it my cause and my way of moving through the world to be accepting of all human beings.

My story

My grandmother had an eighth grade education; there was an outhouse in their backyard. Dance was my ticket to freedom. 

My dance teacher believed in me. She pushed me, taking me to New York every summer to train. I knew immediately that’s where I wanted to be. 

So, I experienced the power of mentorship early on: how having someone hear you, see you, believe in you and help you take that next step grows your self-worth and confidence. My teacher saw me in a way my family couldn’t. I could do anything. 

Now, I cultivate this same loving environment of endless creativity and possibility for the speakers I mentor.

I was always determined, focused, driven, and resourceful. Never one to buy the “starving artist” story, I started my first business when I was 21, a fitness training company which still exists. My team trained our clients while I toured the world, dancing. 

My big break into choreography for film, television and theater came when John Turturro called me to choreograph a feature film with massive talent: Kate Winslet and Susan Surandon among others. Never having done it before, I said yes.

I started writing my own shows, then directing them. It didn’t matter if a show failed; I just wrote a new one. That’s where I got super comfortable with risk and criticism, something I instill in my speakers today. 

When a friend booked a TEDx and asked me to direct it, I said yes to that, too. We did blocking, script analysis, same as for a one-woman show. My theater skills translated easily to the TED stage. I fell in love. With actors, it’s all about them; with speakers, it’s all about the message.

I was inspired. I created a podcast about public speaking, got my TEDx license, started producing events and realized I’d found my purpose—without leaving my creativity or three decades of expertise in theatrical performance behind.

As an international award-winning director and Executive Producer of Speakers Who Dare, in less than 3 years I’ve put 50+ speakers onto 15+ TEDx stages, 14 of whom went on to the main stage. 

About the community

Speaking is lonely. You’re on stage alone, but in my community, you’re never by yourself. 

Knowing you have a community to turn to, who’s not going to judge you and who’s going to step up when you need them, is priceless. 

We’re there for each other, whether it’s sharing a contract template, all applying to an event and celebrating together whoever gets chosen, or getting feedback on an opening.

At The Big Talk, we’ve redefined the speaker community to be about the collective. If one person’s chosen, we’re all chosen. The value of this cannot be underestimated.

Membership draws people from all walks of life, from all over the world. This is a different kind of speakers’ community, a community predicated on non judgment that’s built on the idea that diversity is critically important. 

We take an active role as a community in cultivating diversity and a safe space for all people, embracing and carefully curating conscious language. How we use our voices responsibly and respectfully in the world starts here.

There’s no negativity. We are all equal. We are all here to support one another. Nobody’s voice gets louder than the other.

The Big Talk Membership Community has members who have spoken  professionally for over 30 years, TEDx speakers, and authors, as well as subject matter experts relatively new to speaking, who are looking to grow.

The range of experience in the room allows seasoned speakers to mentor and advise newbies, and vice versa; the learning goes both ways.

“I’m learning so much from the new speakers.”
—Andrew Bennett, veteran speaker

Members have included:

  • An actor from Broadway’s Hamilton, who’s a survivor, advocate, and a “Soldier of Love”;

  • An Asian educator in Chicago who is married to a white guy, has biracial children, and is done tolerating racism that’s “not so bad”;

  • Former assistant to Ross Perot, magician, and two time TEDx speaker who’s following his new calling, to move out of corporate;

  • A divorced mother of three and entrepreneur in Singapore, talking about how leaders need to value the human spirit in their talent;

  • An immigrant, TEDx speaker and spiritual guide, who only took her first stage two years ago;

  • The founder of American parkour who is “constantly going back to the calls for all the useful and practical guidance”;

  • A cancer survivor, who talks about overcoming fear, and is finally free to  talk about race;

  • A lawyer who’s cultivating her speaking career in a big way;

  • A New York playwright now living in vibrant Minneapolis who desires to “be a bridge between the two theater communities”;

  • A leadership and HR consultant who founded Black Women Entrepreneurs to “support women of color in building 6-figure businesses.”

Your membership includes:

→ 24/7 access

to the amazing, supportive community of speakers through a private Facebook group.

→ constantly refreshed content

and new material, based on the needs of the community members

→ an exclusive library

of my top recommended tools and resources for elevating your speaker platform, with guidance on everything from dealing with nerves to starting a podcast to pitching your next TED talk.

→ monthly guest expert training

that include topics like publicity, referrable branding, leadership, high performance and money mindset.

→ live access

to world-class training and expert guidance, so you get the help you need when you need it, on monthly Q&A calls with me.

→ access to a Big Talk Speaker Coach

inside the Facebook group.

and other surprises!

Membership is an ongoing support system, nourishing purpose-driven speakers. Like a heartbeat, it is a constant that you can rely on, and return to again and again, when and as you need it. 

It is a place that you can come to and live in for as long as you like. And as you grow within the community, the community grows with you.

Results our members have experienced

Through-the-roof confidence. Better relationships. They walk through the world a little taller. They know anything is possible.

Is the side effect speaking gigs? Absolutely. We do the foundational work necessary to get you on the big stages.

You'll rise to the top of everyone because you'll be more than just a speaker.

I knew that it was time to amplify my speaking career and prepare for where I was going professionally so joining The Big Talk Membership Community was a no brainer. 

Tricia Brouk is the REAL DEAL, hands down, so I knew the caliber of value and information I would be receiving. 

This group is filled with rock star professionals doing amazing work in their respective fields of expertise. The best of me is being pulled out and I am getting more than I bargained forIf you want to be among the best, you must learn from and be around the best. Joining this community has been the best decision I could have ever made!

Rukiya Robinson, Speaker

Principal hr and organization leadership

The investment

Prior to this program, the only way to have access to my training and guidance was to work one-on-one with me in my Speaker Salon, a minimum five-figure investment.

The world needs your voice, your story, more than ever.

So I made these resources and community available at a no-brainer price. 

And since, as membership grows in the coming years, it’s likely the investment will too, I wanted to give you the opportunity to lock in your price for life.

This is a no-contract membership. You can change your mind anytime with a 30-day notice.

BONUS: Every new member receives the Allyship as a Journey workshop, led by guest expert Erica Courdae, who has dedicated her life to expanding how others interact with the world through powerful conversations. 

You may be wondering “why is the part of a speaking community?” Inclusion is part of our values and it is important to me that this community is in action. And if you are someone who wants to speak out and use your voice as a tool for change, being informed and empowered is how you will have the most impact. 

In this bonus, you’ll learn about:

  • Imperfect allyship as a component of imperfect action
  • How to identify your values as a part of navigating difficult conversations
  • How race creates real challenges and how to address them
  • How using your voice is a part of advocating for yourself and others, especially in relation to representation

“The Big Talk Membership Community is a unique online space to expand and elevate your speaking skills with live trainings and valuable feedback from Tricia Brouk. I love the group training because in just a few months I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from Tricia and her belief in me has boosted my confidence. The support from Tricia, as well as the members, has created a safe and encouraging space for me to tap into my unlimited potential as a speaker. Simply put, Tricia has a brilliant mind and is phenomenal to work with and to learn from, plus she has curated a fabulous group of likeminded speakers who want to become better and cheer each other along the way!

brandy edwards, speaker


You’ve made it this far. The world is waiting for your voice.

Now take the next step:

Join The Big Talk Membership Community today.

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Ming Shelby

TEDx Speaker, Educator, Podcaster

LeRon Barton

TEDx Speaker, Author