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It’s our mission to support speakers who may have tons of experience or who are first timers, have the kind of impact they desire. Whether you live in New York City or Kuala Lumpor, Tricia makes it possible for you to work on your speaker platform with her support.

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Many people are speaking out right now and doing it with impact is important.  My 7 Step Guide To Transformational Speaking provides you with the support you need to be the voice that gets heard,  so you can share your very important message and change or even save a life.

"You get to have your process within my process. And I've designed a way for everyone to be able to create a Big Talk"

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This 12 week certification program will help you land on your idea, craft your big talk, learn how pitch yourself and culminates in a virtual showcase for live direction from Tricia.

"I especially love the safe environment she's created for all of us to grow with joy and ease as fearless speakers, leaders and change agents in the world with our message."
Keiya Rayne TEDx speaker and soul alignment master coach
Keiya Rayne
TEDx Speaker, soul alignment master coach
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Inside this community you’re fully supported in the private Facebook group. And you have access to the resource library designed to support your speaking platform along with the support of Tricia on your monthly group calls.

"Even though I’ve been speaking professionally for over 50 years, being a member of the Big Talk Membership Community is helping me become a better, more successful speaker. The Community is a source of skill development and inspiration that is taking me to the next level."
Andrew Bennett speaker, leadership executive and founder of #PracticalMagic
Andrew Bennett
Speaker, Leadership Executive and Founder of #PracticalMagic
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This 6 week speaking incubator meets once a week at the Triad Theater in New York City, culminating in a Showcase where you will perform your big talk in front of influencers, TEDx organizers, television producers and speaker bureaus.

"I can honestly say that without Tricia’s feedback, support and the support of everyone in the speaker salon my talk would not be anywhere near what it is now. I have gone on to book countless paid speaking engagements because of the Speaker Salon."
Dr. Karen Litzy physical therapist, speaker and pain expert
Dr. Karen Litzy
physical therapist, speaker and pain expert
1:1 mentorship

Tricia mentors a select few speakers throughout the year. This deep work includes weekly support in crafting your signature talk, TEDx nominations, and full on speaker platform building for visibility. These VIP’s also have email and Voxer access to Tricia.

"With a TEDx on the horizon, two documentaries in the works, a new podcast in production and a year of speaking engagements in the works, I cannot wait to look back and calculate how the scope of my work (and ROI) has skyrocketed as a result of this work together.
Sarah Nannen speaker, TEDx speaker, and author empowerment coach
Sarah Nannen
Speaker, TEDx Speaker, Author Empowerment Coach