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It’s our mission to support speakers who may have tons of experience or who are first timers, have the kind of impact they desire. Whether you live in New York City or Kuala Lumpur, Tricia makes it possible for you to work on your speaker platform with her support.

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“You get to have your process within my process.

And I’ve designed a way for everyone to be able to create a Big Talk.”

The Big Talk Academy is our signature 12 week virtual speaking and thought leadership group certification program.
1:1 Mentorship is an intimate 1 year container where Tricia is your strategic advisor building out your speaker platform.
Dr. Kristen Donnelly
“If your dream is to stand in front of a room and command attention, to clearly and concisely articulate ideas that you believe will change the world, to share the story that is brewing in your bones that you know needs to get out, you’ve got to work with Tricia…I promise it will change your life.”
Sonja Pemberton
“Her ability to translate what you’re trying to say in a way that really comes across beautifully on camera is uncanny. If you are thinking about working with a coach or a director for any talk that you might be giving…I highly suggest that you give Tricia a call. You will not be disappointed.”
Dr. Jeff Spencer
“My ability to present my truth under [Tricia’s] direction when I did my talk was unparalleled.

Her complete command and mastery over the entire process allowed me to deliver my best work.”