You are ready to take a big stage

Everyone has a story to tell. When you are able to share your story, you can change how the audience thinks, and if you can change one mind, you can change the world. Telling your story, sharing your message is not only important for the audience, it’s important for you.

Tricia helps speakers take the stage one way and walk off another

She works with speakers to:

  • Identify their big ideas
  • Write, analyze, and finalize a keynote or TED style talk
  • Write a keynote companion to your book
  • Master communication skills
  • Become a fearless speaker

Her speakers have taken these stages:

    • TEDxFarmingdale
    • TEDxChelseaPark
    • TEDxSanJuanIsland
    • TEDxOcala
    • TEDxHiltonHead
    • TEDxLadyBirdLake
    • TEDxNortheastern
    • TEDxSyracuse
    • TEDxLincolnSquare
    • TEDxSevilleSq
    • Keynote – Food and Drug Administration
    • Keynote – American College of Sport Medicine
    • Keynote – North Carolina Philanthropy Conference
    • Keynote – International Physical Therapy Conference
    • Keynote – Avon
    • Keynote – Naturally Vegan

Coaching speakers from idea to script to performance looks like this:

  • Active listening session
  • Blueprint session
  • Insertion of your voice
  • Objective and Action
  • Rehearsal

Are you looking to take your speaking to the next level? If so, contact Tricia Brouk on how she can help you meet your goal of getting onto that big stage.


“I’ve been speaking for ten years and never hired a speaking coach.”

When I wanted to take my craft to the next level, I hired Tricia. In only a few weeks, I made key changes to the delivery, personal interaction and flow that has made me a much better speaker and I couldn’t have done it without Tricia’s tools. After spending a mere 8 hours with Tricia, I spoke to an audience of hundreds of executives who loved the speech. I want to personally thank Tricia for her encouragement, passion and feedback, all of which I’ve used to improve myself as a fearless speaker.

~ Dan Schawbel
New York Times Bestselling Author, Forbes & Inc. 30 under 30, Fortune 500 Consultant