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big stages

International award winning director and Executive Producer of Speakers Who Dare, Tricia Brouk, knows the art of the big talk. In less than 3 years she has put over 45 speakers onto more than 15 TEDx stages, she designs speaker platforms for thought-leaders all over the world, and mentors her community of speakers with over three decades of expertise in theatrical performance.

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I’m Tricia,

A writer, producer and director who believes everyone has a story to tell,
and I’m on a mission to help you tell yours.


I make the world a better place by putting people onto the big stage and onto the big screen. I know the power of a big talk and how it can change lives and even save them. You are in the right place, if you are ready to learn the techniques to always be captivating from a stage.



Being a loving and honest beacon of light and support in order to elevate, transform, and create 

a safe space that will illuminate the powerful stories of people and inspire greater humanity 

in the world, is my mission. 


Together we give birth to an army of heart centered, authentic communicators who speak with dignity and authenticity.