“Accept the gift from your audience,
then give them yours”

Tricia Brouk

When Tricia talks about the art of public speaking, people listen. She has been asked to lead events for Lean In, founded by Sheryl Sandberg, From Book to Brand with Farnoosh Torabi and Tapped To Speak Live with Terri Trespicio. She has also appeared on countless podcasts including EO Fire with John Lee Dumas.
Tricia has coached speakers on numerous platforms and TEDx stages across the world. Her unique approach allows the speaker to have their process within Tricia’s. Her speakers have included executive leadership coaches, country music stars, Broadway actors, advocates, championship snow boarders, stand-up comediennes and doctors.
Tricia is an award winning director. Her expertise in story-telling from the stage and screen impacts every audience. She is a sought after director and producer, not only because she knows how to inspire her team to work to the same level of excellence that she expects of herself, but because she creates a safe space to empower those around her.

Mari Carmen Pizarro

Mari Carmen Pizarro is an international speaker, best selling author, TEDx speaker,
and Founder of The International Women’s Leadership Academy

“I am the most successful Tricia Brouk student!"

Farnoosh Torabi

America’s leading personal finance expert, creator of the “So Money” podcast,
financial columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine

“Tricia is where public speaking and business meet!”

If you want to speak on the biggest stages (and make great money doing it) you need to work with Tricia Brouk! She’s an absolute MASTER at public speaking. Add to the mix a brilliant business brain, and you can expect to massively scale your business through her programs and mentorship. Tricia is without a doubt “SO MONEY” when it comes to public speaking!


TED speaker, writer for the Hallmark Channel and author

“I’ve worked with a lot of directors before…nobody ever made it feel so safe to make choices and play like Tricia Brouk"

Antuan "Magic"

TEDx speaker, Universal Swing in Hamilton, advocate

“I trust that Tricia will do everything in her power to help me achieve the goals I have as a public speaker"

Jim Curtis

TEDx speaker, author and visionary

“Tricia has given me the ability to take my skill to the next level"


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