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Welcome to my library of resources created to support and inspire your speaking platform.

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Sign up for the 7 Step Guide to Transformational Speaking so that you can begin your journey as an impactful speaker today.

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I chose these four resources intentionally.

Not only do each of these resources support you in having the courage to use your powerful voice, they are also curated as an amuse bouche, if you will, of my body of work.

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The Importance of Relationship Alchemy in Leadership

Dr. Dwayne Jenkins shares how there are no hard conversations, when we are able to embrace our mortality.

Rigging The Game – How You Can Achieve Financial Certainty

Elizabeth Molina On Going Beyond The Superficial Beauty

You Are The Change – A Candid Conversation With Entrepreneur Sonja Pemberton

Balance & Imbalance and Being Comfortable With Both

Rewiring The Business Model Of Financial Wealth ‒ A Candid Conversation With Mark Fujiwara

Creating Harmony in Your Intimate Relationships: Interview

Shame And Vulnerability — An Exclusive Interview With Empathy Educator Dr. Kristen Donnelly

Sonja Pemberton On Building and Living Your Legacy

Sleep And Productivity – An Enlightening Conversation With Dr. Meghna Dassani

An Interview with speaker, author, CEO and Founder of Common Goal, Nick Prefontaine

Why There Are No Hard Conversations – A Look At Self-Love And Acceptance

The Power of Inclusivity: Interview With Empathy Educator Kristen Donnelly

A Woman’s Journey Back To Herself

Why Taking The First Step Is Everything

An Interview With Vivian Garcia-Tunon Corporate Truth Teller, CEO And Founder Of VGT People Advisory