Tricia has spoken and taught at countless events and panels on her approach to identifying an idea that is a gift, not an ask or an idea not an issue. As the Executive Producer of Speakers Who Dare in New York City, she is an expert in what it takes to deliver a captivating talk. She has spoken at Tapped To Speak Live, From Book To Brand, and curates the Speaker Salon in New York City and in cities all over the country.

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Whether you have one idea or one hundred, not knowing how to land on an idea can keep you from sharing your story with the world. Imagine the global impact you could have and the millions of people you could inspire if you were able to find and clarify that one life-changing idea. Tricia helps you do that by taking you through what she calls the “mining” process, opening up your mind to think differently about your one idea or sift through the many that are cluttering up the landscape.


Tricia uses her years of experience in film, tv, and theater to guide speakers to become authentic, powerful and confident on stage. She works from a place of intention based coaching, and helps speakers get out of their head and into their heart. Do you know what you want from your audience? Do you know how to get it? By asking these questions, Tricia teaches you how to become a fearless speaker.


Becoming a TEDx speaker can catapult your career and add instant credibility to your speaking platform, but do you know what TEDx organizers are looking for? Do you know how to fill out a winning application? Tricia has accepted hundreds of applications for TEDxLincolnSquare and knows what distinguishes a good application from a great one. With her expert guidance, your application can stand out from the crowd, and help you stand up on that TEDx stage.


Tricia has an impeccable talent for extracting the unspoken message from a story that could otherwise be seen as generic, predictable, or worse, resonate as untrue for an audience. Tricia doesn’t let you hide from your truth. She hears the message that needs to come through and creates a space for that to be fully expressed. After just a few minutes of working with the women in my speaker weekend intensive, I watched as each woman became more grounded in her power, more willing to be truly heard and more clear on what she came here to say. This is the kind of power that our Leaders need by their side. Tricia is someone you want by your side.

Jenn Lederer,
Motivational Speaker and Leadership Coach