The Big Talk with Tricia Brouk was awarded Outstanding 100 podcasts of 2019 by DataBird and Tricia Brouk was an Icon of Influence for her podcast at The New Media Summit in 2019.

Each season of The Big Talk is packed full of value for speakers who are just starting out or for the seasoned speaker who wants in on the secrets to improving their craft. Each season has a unique theme, whether it’s the first season, where each episode gives you insight into Tricia and her process, or all the way to season 11 where each episode focuses on the business of speaking.

Season 1
Tricia talks about the process of the art of public speaking.
Season 2
Tricia talks to people who talk for a living, actors, speakers and stand up comediennes.
Season 3
The Best of Season 2, Tricia asks one question and compiles all the best answers.
Season 4
Tricia interviews all the speakers from TEDxLincolnSquare Risk Takers and Change Makers 2017.
Season 5
Journey to the Stage, where Tricia takes five speakers on the journey of identifying, crafting and delivering a big talk.
Season 6
What comes first the chicken or the egg? Tricia talks with featured guest including Lolly Daskal and Dorie Clarke on what comes first for them the big talk or the book.
Season 7
Tricia talks to speakers about what not to do from the stage.
Season 8
Tricia talks with 15 TEDx organizers from all over the world, including Germany, Aruba,India and more.
Season 9
Tricia talks about what you want from an audience and how to get it featuring guests like John Lee Dumas, Farnoosh Torabi, Heather Monahan and Marla Mattenson.
Season 10
Tricia interviews all the speakers from TEDxLincolnSquare Looking Beyond 2018.
Season 11
Tricia and her guests talk about the business of how to speak and the art of landing paid speaking gigs.
Season 12
In Season 12, Tricia talks with all the Speakers Who Dare from the inaugural event in New York City.
Season 13
The Importance of Story Telling and Leadership