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Our Mission

Being a loving and honest beacon of light and support in order to elevate, transform, and create a safe space that will illuminate the powerful stories of people and inspire greater humanity in the world, is my mission. Together we give birth to an army of heart centered, authentic communicators who speak with dignity and authenticity. By getting this kind of clarity on your big idea and how to captivate your audience every time, you will have the kind of impact that creates long lasting ripple effects.

Tricia Brouk

Director, Writer, Producer, Curator, Coach

I am an international award winning director. I have received the Empowered Woman of 2021 award from the International Association of Top Professionals. I have worked in theater, film and television for over three decades. In addition to my work in the entertainment industry, I apply my unique expertise to the art of public speaking. I’m the Executive Producer of Speakers Who Dare, and the former Executive Producer of TEDxLincolnSquare in New York City.

I curate the Speaker Salon in NYC, an incubator and showcase for emerging speakers, giving speakers the opportunity to get in front of influencers, event organizers, television producers, and TEDx organizers, who can put them onto big stages. My award winning podcast for public speakers, The Big Talk has over 250 episodes, where I interview people who talk for a living, including Stedman Graham, and yes, Oprah comes up.

I worked on Black Box on ABC, The Affair on Showtime, Rescue Me on Fox, and closely with John Turturro’s Romance and Cigarettes, where I was awarded a Golden Thumb Award from Roger Ebert, for my choreography. I had the privilege of working closely with my friend, the late James Gandolfini, Susan Sarandon, Kate Winslet, Christopher Walken, Eddie Izzard, and Steve Buscemi. I also make several appearances in the film and you can catch it on Amazon Prime.

The web-series, I produced and directed, Sublets, won Best Comedy at the Vancouver Web-Festival. I was awarded Top Director of 2019 by the International Association of Top Professionals and also make documentary films about people doing incredible things. Right Livelihood A Journey to Here featuring Justin Von Bujdoss, the Buddhist Chaplain at Riker’s Island won Best Documentary Short at The Olympus Film Festival and You’re Gorgeous, I Love Your Shirt, An Inside Look at Bullying and Mental Health, featuring Tonya and Lyndsey Harris, won the Award of Merit at the Awareness Festival. I’m currently working on anything and everything I can to make the world a better place.