Client Case Study

Amy O'Neill speaker, MS, LPC clinician and survivor

Amy O’Neill

Speaker, MS, LPC Clinician, Survivor

  1. Why did you work with Tricia and in which service offering?
    I initially consulted to write a keynote speech and the experience was so much more than I had anticipated. Once the speaker salon was offered it was a YES with no question. I have gone to do participate in two of those, Speakers Who Dare and the Mastermind Group.

  2. What were your goals?
    To learn how to write and deliver, impactful and compelling information about surviving terrorism and the way I redefined resilience.

  3. How did she get you there?
    It has been a journey. The culture she created was very helpful. It was safe and supportive. Tricia encouraged me to stretch my boundaries and learn to embrace vulnerability in a masterful way that transformed my messages.

  4. What surprised you about the process?
    I am surprised at how quickly my life has transformed. My career is being reshaped. I am mostly pleased with how I feel about myself, and my role in making the world more aware of how to heal.

  5. What surprised you about yourself?
    I am continually surprised by our capacity for growth. This was not just about crafting a great talk, it became about owning the person I had to be to deliver the messages that are so important to me.

  6. What was your ROI?
    I am currently positioning myself to be an expert in my chosen field. The interpersonal return is a heart centered confident speaker on a mission to make the world suffer less during these troubling times. Financially, I am starting to get paid to speak, I am also being invited to the biggest “stages” in the world whether it is to network, present or represent. I never dreamed I would participate in a program at the United Nations Headquarters in NYC let alone speak in front of leaders from around the world.

  7. Have you worked with Tricia in more than one service offering?
    Mastermind, Speaker Salon, Individual Coaching.

  8. What’s the one thing that makes Tricia stand out among speaking coaches?
    I really think it is her personal vulnerability, or connection to suffering. I am not sure what that is for her but I am guessing she speaks this language for a reason. That is what makes it work.

  9. Would you work with Tricia again?
    Yes. Absolutely I will keep in working with her in some context