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In all my years of producing different shows and events, the one thing that remains same is that two weeks before the event or the show, fear sets in. And no matter if you are a seasoned speaker, or a new one. No matter if you have done 1000 shows or one. It is consistently about two weeks before that fear sets in, because the speakers or actors are far enough out that they start imagining everything that can go wrong, but not too close to the performance, that they begin to manifest the failures.

These fears range from forgetting the lines, to being rejected, to feeling like they are not worthy.

I had the privilege of working with three top speakers on their TEDx Talks, recently.
What I learn every time in this process, is that it unfolds like this.

Each speaker starts out with excitement. Then we move into the process, which is not easy. It takes lots of time, thought and more thought to write, listen to, and rewrite and deliver a talk. Then they move into the insecurity phase. Is this any good? How am I going to edit my idea down to 18 minutes? Who do I think I am to be talking on such a big idea? From there, because of the work, we move into the confidence phase. This talk is going to help so many people. I’m the absolute right person to be  sharing this idea worth spreading. I am off book and ready to deliver a game changing talk.

This next phase is the phase I welcome and frankly love. The fear phase is where the mind begins to take over. What if I forget everything? What if they reject me? What if I die?

It is at this point that we take an inventory of everything we need to do to set up for success, so that on the day, there is no room for fear. So that on the day, all there is room for is delivering an incredible message and having impact on the audience and the world.

Just like an athlete, seeing the ball going into the net, your mind is going visualize your success from that stage. However, if you are thinking about what you need to do right before you go on, this kind of distraction can fuel the fear that will be in the way of your captivating performance. Free your mind from fear and worry so it can do what it’s meant to do, be with the audience.

Reducing or even eliminating fear starts by removing any and all things that can go wrong. My speakers and I create a list of everything they need, of everything they want and of everything that will insure their success on the day. Being this kind of prepared, is what gives you the freedom to be fully in the moment on stage.  And this is how you deliver a rock star performance every time.

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