You have a story to tell

Tricia has been at the helm of well over 100 theatrical events, web-series and television, film, and TEDx Talks. Every medium she works in has the same goal: telling someone’s important story.

Creating a safe space

For Tricia, directing is all about creating the safe space to be vulnerable.  She understands the importance of making herself vulnerable and available to you, so you can open up and get to the real work of telling your story.

Leading the team

Tricia knows how to lead. Each and every detail is accounted for and because of that, she earns the trust of the actors, crew, and staff. This empowers her team to greatness, and is the key to her success.

She works with her team on:

  • Script analysis
  • Story boarding
  • Shot list
  • Cinematography
  • Editing

Tricia is a well-versed director in several mediums including TV, film, theater, digital, long and short format.

Sublets, the web-series Tricia directed, won Best Comedy at the Vancouver Web Festival, The I Love New York Award at The New York Web Festival, and Official Selection at the LA Web Festival. And the documentary she directed and produced, This Dinner is Full, is an Official Selection at both The New York Independent Film Festival and The New York Women in Film and Television Web Festival.

Are you looking for a director who can shepherd your project from idea to award-winning content? If so, contact Tricia today and get one step closer to the red carpet.


I had the privilege to see first-hand how talented and professional Tricia is at crafting, producing, directing, and delivering a film production. I requested Tricia to consider working with us on a very last-minute project, not expecting her to have the time to commit because of the time constraint. Once she heard about our project and felt a human connection with the people, she moved mountains and did an outstanding job. I was very impressed with how deeply she can connect with people speaking in front of a camera, making them feel comfortable and bringing the best out of them. That is something I have never seen anyone do, a pure ability to make everyone shine.

Steven Aitkenhead
Founder-Inflection Group