Client Case Study

Dr Kristina Hallett PhD APBB TEDx Speaker and Author

Dr. Kristina Hallett​

PHD, APBB, TEDx Speaker and Author
  1. Why did you work with Tricia and in which service offering?
    I wanted to improve my speaking and grow my speaking business.

  2. What were your goals?
    Be a better speaker. Learn what I didn’t know. Increase my earnings from speaking. Get a TEDx talk.

  3. How did she get you there?
    Tricia provided me with unparalleled support, coaching, direction, encouragement, reviews of application, along with direct (observed) feedback.

  4. What surprised you about the process?
    How much there was (and still is!) to learn.

  5. What surprised you about yourself?
    I have learned that I love speaking to large audiences, and I can handle any crazy technical difficulty or surprise with grace and aplomb.

  6. What was your ROI?
    HUGE!!!! over 5x the total investment, and still counting.

  7. Have you worked with Tricia in more than one service offering?
    I’m a two time Speaker Salon alum, Mastermind member, part of The Big Talk Membership community and have now become head Speaker Coach for The Big Talk Academy!

  8. What’s the one thing that makes Tricia stand out among speaking coaches?
    Only one thing?? Her process of creating safe space for growth (there’s so much more).

  9. Would you work with Tricia again?