118 Practicing Ease & Alignment – Ellen Palmer

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As a speaker or writer, it’s easy to be focused on the final product of a speech or a book. But it’s not only about the product, it’s also about the process. Today’s guest reveals strategies that have helped her practice ease and alignment, two qualities that have allowed her to connect with audiences and grow her business.

Ellen Palmer is a certified holistic health counselor and life design expert who cuts through everyday overwhelm to help people identify their true desires, the limiting beliefs that have kept them stuck, and the skills they need to create their ideal life of optimal health, happiness, success, and freedom. Ellen has an international coaching practice and is a thought leader for how to blend science and mindfulness to create lasting change. She is a sought-after speaker in corporations, on campuses, and for entrepreneurs who are passionate about creating change in the world.

We’ll explore:

  • How Ellen’s corporate experience and health issues led her toward her current business.
  • Why she created her big talk first, even though she had the book outlined for seven years.
  • How Ellen used her talk to create the book outline.
  • How you can use your talk as a laboratory to find out what your audience thinks, and then using that insight to create a book.
  • Why she starts preparing for a big talk weeks or months in advance.
  • Why Ellen chooses the emotion, rather than the content, she wants the audience to take away from the talk.
  • How mindfulness, energy, and inspired action work together to help her create a great talk.
  • Why speaking is the most impactful part of her business.
  • The importance of being aligned with your business model.
  • How to use fear for your benefit.

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