271 Leaders Are Listeners – JJ Ramberg

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271 Leaders Are Listeners – JJ Ramberg


By nature of their position, leaders are always communicating, talking, and presenting. Those are important skills, but today’s guest will remind us of another critical skill for leaders: listening. You’ll learn how to ask question, engage, and listen so you can become a more effective leader to those around you.

JJ Ramberg is an entrepreneur, TV host, speaker, and best-selling author. Earlier this year, she and her brother launched Goodpods, an app which lets you follow your smartest, funniest, most curious podcast-loving friends and hosts to see what podcast they’re listening to by episode. This is their second company together. Their first, Goodshop, provides the best online coupons and gives the shopper cashback or a donation to their favorite cause for every purchase. 

For 13 years, JJ hosted Your Business for NBC News, which focused on telling the stories of entrepreneurs and CEOs to find out what works and what doesn’t when you’re trying to grow a successful business.  She is the author of two books: It’s Your Business, and the children’s book The Startup Club.  

JJ has been honored for her work by organizations including the American Women’s Business Association, Self Magazine, and the Association of Women Entrepreneurs and often speaks for organizations ranging from the Vanity Fair Founders Fair to the US Chamber of Commerce. 

JJ received her MBA from Stanford Business School and her BA from Duke University.  She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and three children.  We’ll explore: 

  • What JJ believes people really believe about leadership.
  • Why you must have a clear idea what your company culture is.
  • The dangers of assuming that everyone in your company knows what you know, and the value of having people repeat back to you what you just said for the sake of clarity.
  • How JJ maintains authentic leadership skills while she is telling someone’s story she may not agree with.
  • Why listening and asking questions is such a critical leadership skill.
  • The importance of nurturing good leadership skills in others.

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