Client Case Study

Kate MacKinnon Speaker and Feng Shui Expert

Kate MacKinnon

Speaker and Feng Shui Expert
  1. Why did you work with Tricia and in which service offering?
    I wanted to create a TEDx-worthy talk and knew the Speaker Salon workshop and stage experience, in front of other participants, with Tricia’s guidance would provide the right ingredients to do that.

  2. What were your goals?
    Write the script, work on it on stage, get live feedback, and ultimately perform the talk in front of an audience of guests, including influencers and thought-leaders.

  3. How did she get you there?
    Over six weeks, Tricia provided a safe environment to practice our talks on a stage, add performance, get feedback on script and performance from Tricia and fellow participants, and in the final week, perform live on a stage in front of an audience of guests and influences and thought-leaders.

  4. What surprised you about the process?
    This was my third Speaker Salon, and I was surprised how my confidence grew with each Salon, and my capacity to memorize and be comfortable with performance felt more natural. How in six short weeks Tricia can consistently take a group of people and individually as well as a group create authentic speakers, with important messages, including some people who like me in the first Salon, who have never done anything like this before.

  5. What surprised you about yourself?
    I have become a confident speaker, with more than one message, and the talk I created is indeed TEDx-worthy.

  6. What was your ROI?
    I now have three talks that I am proud of and I created a TEDx talk. I feel ready to speak on large stages and get my message out to larger audiences.

  7. Have you worked with Tricia in more than one service offering?
    Yes, we work 1:1

  8. What’s the one thing that makes Tricia stand out among speaking coaches?
    She produces results! I trust Tricia 100% to get me where I want to go. Based on my experience with her and her background, she does everything with care, attention to detail, and professionalism, and she always has her speaker’s best interest in mind. And most importantly, she is not afraid to help her speaker’s push to the next level.