Tricia Brouk

teaches a speaker salon

The speaker salon is by invitation only.

Tricia will create a safe space to guide you through the fear, help you to identify your ideas, craft your talk, and improve your performance. You get to work on content, delivery, take risks and be creative with her hands on guidance. 

Join the salon:

Tricia is a masterful curator. She brings a diverse group together that will not only make you want to be better, but you will learn how to do that by watching your fellow speakers. Tricia continually works with the same crew and cast for over and over, because she’s able to lead by example while creating a deep sense of community.

The speaker salon meets once a week at the Triad Theater, home of TEDxLincolnSquare. Tricia will assign stage time to everyone, so each speaker gets equal time. Part of being in the salon, means you learn from observing and supporting your fellow speakers.

You will also get:

  • Two 1:1 calls 
    Two one on one calls where you can get an in-depth answer to any question you have about your talk at any time in your process. So if you’re feeling stuck or just need to clarify some things, I will be there to help you through.
  • Curated TEDx Talks emailed weekly
    There are so many TED and TEDx Talks, it can be overwhelming, which leads to paralysis. I do the research for the TEDx Talks, and all you have to do is watch. I always comment on what is good and why. Or what is not!!
  • A Facebook group for support
    In this group, you have the support of everyone going through this process at the same time as well as the accountability to lead you to success. 
  • Access to Experts who can make introductions and give expert advice. These experts will provide a one hour group coaching call, recorded on zoom.
  • Ellen Palmer, Founder of The Ideal Life, where you’ll address fear. 
  • Terri Trespicio, Founder of Tapped to Speak Live, where you’ll address brand. 
  • Jamie Broderick, Founder of Success Connection, where you’ll learn the tools to promote yourself as a speaker. 
  • Michael Roderick, Founder of Small Pond Productions, where you’ll learn a framework for networking. 
  • Dee Dee DeBartlo, Founder of DeBartlo & Co, a publicity and marketing firm for publishers, where you’ll have access to learn what publishers are looking for. 
  • Jason Van Orden, where you’ll learn the frameworks for mastering strategies. 
  • Candi Cross, Founder of You Talk, I Write, where you’ll learn what it means to have a ghost-writer. 
  • Selena Soo, Founder of Impacting Millions, where you will learn how to get the press you need as an expert speaker. 
  • Patty Farmer, Founder of Patty Farmer International, where you’ll learn how to monetize your speaking career. 
  • Jenn Lederer, Founder of Authentic Stardom, where you’ll learn how to fully live in your skin. 
  • Nicole Holland, Podcast agent, where you’ll learn about which shows to pitch for the biggest impact. 

This six-week journey will culminate in a performance at The Triad Theater in New York City, home of TEDxLincolnSquare, where I will invite influencers and speaker bureaus, who can put you on their stages, panels, and into their publishing houses. Tricia’s production company, The Big Talk, will also shoot the event, so you will have material for your speaker reel.


Tricia is a masterful curator as the executive producer of TEDxLincolnSquare. Her events sell out months in advance. She will be curating this virtual salon the same way she does TEDxLincolnSquare, by invitation only.


What makes this salon unique is the group support and feedback. You will know what is landing and what is not, based on the constant real time feedback, just like in previews of a Broadway show.  


“My friends, if you want to improve your public speaking skills because you want to evolve in your personal life and career, then you need to consider taking seminars and workshops with Tricia Brouk. I’ve had a lucrative career producing shows, on stage and on camera and I’ve learned more in just a few weeks than years of experience on stage."

Bernie Furshpan

“We are coming to the end of the speaker salon with Tricia Brouk and I am blown away by how much value I’ve gotten out of it! Seriously one of the best investments I’ve made this year."

Tara Bradford

“Then through a series of fortunate events I was introduced to Tricia Brouk. We clicked immediately and I just knew she was the person to help me. I decided to join her speaker salon here in NYC and for the past month and a half I have been work-shopping a talk I am giving later this year in Amsterdam. I can honestly say that without Tricia’s feedback, support and the support of everyone in the speaker salon my talk would not be anywhere near what it is now."

Karen Litzy

“I’ve spent time on stage as an actor and a dancer, saying other people’s words and performing a choreographer’s vision. I needed both to find my own. That’s when I met Tricia Brouk, who has an epic talent for directing speakers and helping them edit and refine their message to make maximum impact!
No moment is ever wasted…"

Jazz Bianci

“Tricia has this incredible ability to zero right in and pull the best out of you. Her tools and techniques of how to deliver a powerful talk on stage shows she really knows her stuff. I especially love the safe environment she’s created for all of us to grow with joy and ease as fearless speakers, leaders and change agents in the world with our message."

Keiya Rayne

“I’ve spent the last 6 weeks traveling to NYC to be a part of her Art of the Big Talk Speaking Salon and the experience is beyond anything I can explain in words. So much attention to detail, openness, trust of the process, appreciation of each other and support!!"

Jenn Edden

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