Tricia Brouk

teaches you to be a fearless speaker

Four part docu-series,

produced by The Big Talk Productions, with 18 companion reference guides, template and worksheets.

Become fearless:

Award winning director, Tricia Brouk has taken stages all over the world. Her career spans several decades. She knows how to captivate an audience and work with fear to deliver a standing ovation worthy performance.

Do you want to give a big talk, but keep hiding? Find out how, Mari Carmen Pizarro, author, leadership coach and TEDx speaker, stopped hiding and delivered a life-changing talk.

Are you scared to apply to an event? Author and TEDx Speaker Pamay Bassey, shares her fears and how she overcame them here.

Did you know that when you become a fearless speaker, doors open to you? TVwriter, author and TEDx speaker, Sarah Montana shares her publicity wins.

Learn how to fully prepare for a captivating performance with Jim Curtis, speaker, author and director of Remedy Health.

Together, you’ll cover topics like:

• Event Applications Demystified

• Before & After the Pitch: Copy That Gets You Noticed

• Four Ways to Eliminate Self-Judgment & Become a Fearless Speaker

• Crafting Your Winning Application

• The Ultimate List of Acting Verbs

• Know Who You’re Talking To: Audience Analysis Email Template

• How to Captivate Your Audience

• Closing Strong: How to Leave a Lasting Impression

• Opening Strong: How to Get Your Audience to Lean In

• Identify what you want from your Audience and Get it

• Audience Impact: Knowing What You Want & Getting It

• Mastering Objective & Action for Persuasive Performance

• Memorizing Made Easy: 3 Proven Techniques

• Earth, Air, Wind & Fire: An Elemental Remedy for Stage Fright

• The One Thing You Should NEVER Do From the Stage

• Build Your Confidence with Constructive Evaluation

The Brouk Method goes far beyond typical public speaking techniques, making Tricia’s courses true masterclasses where you learn from someone who has been on the stage you want to be on, and coached actors to do what you want to do.


Tricia has been on both sides of the table in film, TV, and theater. As a curator, she has evaluated thousands of applications.  And as a coach, Tricia has helped countless speakers overcome their fears, guiding them to the next phase of their career in public speaking.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Objective Using Action

The ultimate list of action words to ensure authentic delivery

9 Ways to Captivate Your Audience

Worksheet: A step by step guide on how to captivate your audience from your first line to your last


Worksheet: Leveraging advance audience analysis data to identify what you want from your audience

Advance Audience Analysis

Template: Email to gather audience information

Action Steps to Apply for an Event

Worksheet: Before and after the application process

Worksheet & Companion Docu-series with Tricia on how to fill out a winning application:

• Idea vs. Issue
• Gift vs. Ask
• Style
• Through-line
• Context

Foundations of Becoming a Fearless Speaker

Build your speaker platform with these effective steps, including how to research events and organizations

Worksheet: Three easy steps to identifying speaking opportunities

Crafting Your Inquiry Email

Template: Email inquiry

Worksheets: Before and after the pitch

Performance Evaluation Guide

Your delivery uncovered

Reference Guide

Using the four elements to help eliminate nerves


Two actors share with Tricia their experience with nerves and proven techniques for combatting them


Tricia directing two speakers on their feet in real time

Now Tricia can help you increase your speaking authority, so you can build a strong and authentic stage presence that will make a powerful impression every time. Her masterclasses will give your story a stage, and give you the confidence and tools you need to make a global impact as a fearless speaker.

The 7 Step Formula for Fearless Speaking

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