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Just Enough

Just Enough, a short documentary by filmmaker Tricia Brouk, featuring motivational speaker and leadership coach Jenn Lederer, tells the story of how she is called to stand up and be seen in today’s world.


Breaking Through

In this short documentary, director Tricia Brouk goes behind the scenes to show how Jamie Broderick, founder of Success Connection, helps people shift mindset in order to become more successful in business and in life.


The choreography, by Tricia Brouk, lends an irresistible, maniacal dimension to Turturro’s vision, especially in a salsa number complete with firemen in a conga line, clamoring after Kate Winslet’s vampish shopgirl Tula, who entices and eludes them all in her form-fitting engine-red vinyl dress.


KWMU Radio

There’s something odd about “Romance and Cigarettes,” a two-year-old movie written and directed by John Turturro. There are moments when it is just brilliant, especially in some off-the-wall sequences when Tricia Brouk shows spectacular choreography, and dancers to match.

The New Yorker

Turturro has his actors sing along with the recorded voices, and the effect is surreal and touching- they all appear to be having the time of their lives.  With matching, witty, working-class choreography by Tricia Brouk.


Scene on Stage by Philip Dorian

Erotic Broadway is well put together, as are all the arteests.
Ms. Brouk, partially covered by feathered fans and little else, dances homage to Sally Rand. It’s sexy, for sure, but respectful of that iconic stripper as well. In another bit, she explores the eroticism of sweet buns (the food, the food). Here, She’s fully dressed and even sexier.



Inside TEDxLincolnSquare

As the executive producer and creative director of TEDxLincolnSquare, Tricia is excited to create what she calls “theatrical academia” on the TEDx stage.