Client Case Study

Speaker Author Leadership coach

Mike Shereck

Speaker, Author, Leadership coach
  1. Why did you work with Tricia and in which service offering?
    I was kind of forced to, and it was at a speaker salon in Chicago, I had no idea what I was getting into, and I am so thankful I said yes….it completely shifted my entire experience of me.

  2. What were your goals?
    I am an old white dude, so my goals are a bit different, I want to be completely used up when I am done, I want to be a contribution to the world, I want to be a catalyst for positive change with men and masculinity and I want to do so in a way that is authentic, powerful, and bold….I will do this through speaking, writing and wandering the planet and expressing myself in complete alignment and responsibility with who I am, and why I am here.

  3. How did she get you there?
    By pulling me through the worm hole…..Tricia is the most unique individual, She does it through seeing you as you have yet to see you, she does it through listening to you as you have yet to hear you, and she does it by loving you in a way you have yet to discover, and when it is over, you come out the other side, transformed, a bit bruised, a few cuts and knots, but nothing that will not heal, for me it was an awaking and an introduction to a guy I had known was there but did not have access to until that experience.

  4. What surprised you about the process?
    How intense, how difficult, how empowering and how alive it was. I have done a lotta “stuff”, and never did I experience anything like it. I think the biggest surprise for me was how incredibly clueless I was about speaking and how clueless most of the people I talk to about it was. When I understood it was nothing more than me giving my heart and soul to those I was speaking to, and understanding I would not die doing it, it became so incredibly easy, and natural, and such an authentic expression of who I am.

  5. What surprised you about yourself?
    I am naturally funny and easy to connect with, and I have a voice and a story worth telling. And I am a pretty tough guy. I think the biggest surprise was how afraid I was, and I did not even know what I was afraid of, and being a big guy, pretended like I wasn’t, SO I guess I was surprised with how full of shit I was.

  6. What was your ROI?
    How do you measure the value of connecting with your authentic being and really connecting with and owning your voice. I also will be speaking at a National Construction Conference in front of 3-4K people and the value of that has yet to be measured. My radio show which is the Speakers Who Dare talk, expanded to a weekly show, is being expanded to two hours from one, and we are about to be picked up by Smart Talk Radio and its 400 affiliates, plus I have lost about 40 lbs, plus I am getting a new Harley, the ROI, I would guess is about 20X.

  7. Have you worked with Tricia in more than one service offering?
    Not yet, and I want to. I am busy, and I don’t really know all she does. I think I would like to talk to her about a documentary film on the gap in genders, I would also love to see her, maybe as a part of that, do a documentary on our Fantasy Football League, I know it seems stupid and we will be entering our 40th year and the change that has occurred and the characters in the league, how it came about the social changes, the journey of the different members, and with her gift of story-telling, I think it could be remarkable.

  8. What’s the one thing that makes Tricia stand out among speaking coaches?
    She has this gift that when she is with you, she is only with you. That level of intimacy, trust, love, power, and clarity, moved me. The space is so safe to be you and from there you can then take risk, step beyond who you know yourself to be. It all works.

  9. Would you work with Tricia again?
    Yep in a heartbeat, tell me when and where