Apply to be a featured guest on The Big Talk

If you have a powerful story,
Then the world needs to hear it.
And I want to ask you about it.

Join me in conversation on what it means to be an influential voice onstage and off.

The Big Talk with Tricia Brouk was awarded Outstanding 100 podcasts of 2019 by DataBird and Tricia Brouk was an Icon of Influence for her podcast at The New Media Summit in 2019. 

The Big Talk has a global audience and ranks in the top 1% of podcasts according to Listennotes. With over 500 episodes,Tricia’s audience is engaged and loyal. 

Sharing Your Story on The Big Talk

The Big Talk Podcast was created from the desire to establish a platform for sharing candid conversations about using your voice in a big way. We feature speakers through interviews, giving advice and inspiration about using your voice (as only YOU can) for global impact.

If you’re a thought-leader who is using your voice for impact, this podcast is here to amplify your story as you change the lives of our audience.

The show is hosted by Tricia Brouk, an international award-winning director, producer and author, who has interviewed some of the world’s top speakers including Stedman Graham, Farnoosh Torabi, David Neagle and John Lee Dumas.

If you’re interested in being a featured guest and joining her on this mission of making the world a better place by having “big talks” you can apply below.

Guidelines for The Guests We Desire to Book

We are openly seeking podcast guests with the following credentials.

You may be the right fit for The Big Talk if you are:

  • A thought-leader, expert or advocate in your field
  • Interested in exploring a new way of doing things and making changes in your life, your work, your community, and the world around you
  • Using your voice to speak powerfully and positively from your platform
  • A storyteller who enjoys engaging and connecting with an audience
  • Ready to participate in a deep, candid conversation that supports those listening
  • Earnestly seeking to shape the future of the world with your ideas and your voice


If this sounds like you, please follow the guidelines below to make your pitch.

Instructions for Pitching

  1. Review our library of podcast episodes and listen to a few that speak to your area of expertise or resonate with you. This will give you a sense of how the podcast is presented and the type of interviews Tricia conducts.
  2. Share with us which episode you love and why as a part of the Podcast Guest Application.
  3. Be sure to include links to audio or video content in which you’ve previously been a guest or a speaker in your application as well.

After you hit submit on your application, The Big Talk team will evaluate your pitch and let you know if it fits our current needs for podcast guests.

Please note that if your pitch does not follow the above instructions, our team will not be able to respond.