129 Do the Hard Work

129 Do the Hard Work – Cass McCrory

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We know that success doesn’t usually come quickly or easily. But what does it actually take to create a thriving business based on your passion? Our guest today reminds us that success involves a lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun if we approach it correctly.

Cass McCrory is a digital marketing strategy expert. Her experience includes leading digital marketing and social media strategy within large enterprises. She has passion for supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses as they create and generate multiple revenue streams to drive the success of their businesses. Her expertise is in the monetization strategies, social media promotion, content development, and campaign calendaring that generates ROI and online course ideation and creation. Cass brings an analytical nature to the table with a practical approach that generates measurable results for her clients. Cass also has a passion project called “The Subtraction Project” that has landed her on the pages of Oprah magazine, on popular podcasts, and as a contributor to Thrive Global.

We’ll explore:

  • How Cass helps people make money in a way that feels authentic to them.
  • What to do if you don’t have a strategy.
  • Why you must pay your dues?.
  • How to create opportunities by being available after a talk.
  • The difference between pitching yourself and creating a dialogue.
  • Why it’s important to have fun in your business.
  • How projecting confidence as a speaker helps people have faith in you.
  • How to use Facebook live to hone your speaking skills, and why you should ask people to share your video.
  • Why a traditionally-published book can boost your credibility as a speaker.
  • Why it’s often difficult for accredited professionals to become entrepreneurs.
  • How credibility helps build your platform.

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