125 Listen to Your Audience

125 Listen to Your Audience – Chris Schembra

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How does a person become an effective and influential speaker? Is it all about strategy? Connections? Authority? Popularity? Today’s guest reveals that the secret is much simpler: to become a speaker, you must first learn to be an audience. You’ll learn why empathy, listening, and developing a touchpoint with people are vital keys to becoming a great speaker.

Chris Schembra, known as “The Empathy Strategist,” is a sought-after social influencer, executive coach, entrepreneurial advisor and TEDx speaker whose passion lies in facilitating profound human connection in a deeply disconnected world. He is the Founder + Chief Question Asker of the 7:47 Club, an organization which helps elite entrepreneurs build, grow, and ignite their community. Since its inception, the 7:47 Club has awakened over 2,500 leaders and sparked over 210,000 relationships.

In addition to the 7:47 Club, Chris is a Partner at OHenry Productions and former Producer at MNA Productions, which both invest in and produce commercial theater.  The projects Chris has been involved in have been awarded 14 Tony Awards, 7 Emmys, and a Grammy.

We’ll explore:

  • Why Chris is doing the big talk before the book?.
  • How he uses speaking to get audience feedback.
  • How he will use his upcoming book to give voice to interviews he has done with others.
  • Chris’s writing process, which involves meditation, recording raw audio, having the audio transcribed, editing, then publishing.
  • The importance of listening to the audience or client’s needs.
  • How getting feedback is similar to doing previews in the theatre.
  • How Chris is using his new keynote to build his business.
  • Why you must develop a touchpoint with people if you want to become a speaker.

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