127 How to Leverage Your Big Talk

127 How to Leverage Your Big Talk – Jamie Broderick

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You’ve written, rehearsed, and prepared to give a successful big talk. But delivering your talk is not the end—it’s just the beginning. Today’s guest reveals how to leverage your big talk to create multiple streams of income and accelerate your success.

Jamie Broderick is a visibility strategist who helps entrepreneurs become market leaders by building their platform, leveraging their connections, and shining a light on their unique talents. Her endless creativity and knowledge has gifted her with the uncanny ability to connect people together for just the right advice. She leads a business support network called “The Success Connection” and provides market leadership training in her course “Above the Crowd.” She also hosts two annual confidence-building retreats in Florida and New York, along with co-producing Tedx Lincoln Square in New York City.

We’ll explore:

  • Many ways to leverage a speaking event for multiple income streams.
  • The value of embracing your personality and quirks.
  • Business advice for speakers and writers.
  • How to find out what people want from you.
  • Why people want to be inspired rather than being sold to.
  • Jamie’s advice for someone who wants to create a business from their passion.
  • The importance of credibility and trust.
  • How to leverage a talk to collect email addresses.
  • 4 questions your audience wants you to answer.
  • The relationship between credibility, visibility, and connections.
  • The importance of sending consistent messages about your brand.

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