117 Set Extraordinary Expectations – Kristin Smedley

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What happens when life throws you a curveball? Our guest today shows us that you can not only learn to cope—you can thrive by rising to the occasion and helping others set extraordinary expectations for themselves. Speaking and writing can play a big part in this process.

Kristin Smedley is an award winning non-profit leader, TEDx speaker, and author. In 2011 Kristin founded the Curing Retinal Blindness Foundation, the only patient organization in the world for her sons’ blindness, CRB1 LCA/RP. Kristin has led the CRBF to raise over $1 million, introduced the first ever legislation in the United States in Braille, and has moved rare eye diseases from rarely talked about to being discussed in key circles worldwide.

In 2016, Kristin delivered a TEDx talk in New York City regarding how her blind sons completely changed her perception of blindness. In 2017, Kristin will publish her first book, Thriving Blind: Stories of Success Without Sight. Kristin challenges people to SEE: Set Extraordinary Expectations in their lives. Kristin enjoys speaking about her journey and pointing out where she can find the fun in fundamentally challenging situations life delivers.

We’ll explore:

  • How creating the big talk changed the direction of Kristin’s book.
  • Why the process of crafting the talk helped Kristin make the book more succinct.
  • Kristin’s writing process, and why you must write in a way that works for you.
  • Why physically moving helps her prepare for speaking engagements.
  • How speaking, especially at TEDx, has impacted Kristin’s business.
  • The ways that Kristin’s book will not only help people, but also increase her business.
  • Why speaking and writing are rewarding in different ways.
  • The importance of defining your message.

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