105 From Philanthropy to Entrepreneurship – Nathan Chappell

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How can the philanthropy business help someone develop skills as an entrepreneur? Today’s guest shows you how. You’ll discover how to use your current setting in life to help propel you to greater success.

Nathan Chappell serves as Senior Vice President of Philanthropy at City of Hope, one of the nation’s top National Cancer Institutes. Nathan has dedicated the past 18 years serving at nonprofit organizations with philanthropy goals. As an industry leader, Nathan speaks frequently around the world on how nonprofit organizations must embrace data to succeed in an information economy. Nathan is currently co-authoring a book titled Precision Philanthropy –Solving World’s Greatest Challenges.

We’ll explore:

  • Why the big talk, instead of the book, comes first for Nathan.
  • Why he enjoys speaking at conferences.
  • The role of discipline in his writing routine.
  • Nathan’s process for testing material for a talk or a book.
  • How speaking impacts his business.
  • How Nathan’s philanthropy background helps him distill ideas when giving a presentation.
  • Why Nathan decided to write his book and how that decision has helped build his business as an entrepreneur.
  • Why Nathan prefers speaking over writing.
  • Nathan’s advice for someone starting on their speaking and writing journey.

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