123 Structuring Your Book or Big Talk

123 Structuring Your Book or Big Talk – Ruschelle Khanna

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Success in writing a book or crafting a big talk doesn’t come by accident. Our guest today reveals tips and strategies for approaching your book or big talk in a structured process that will help you make purposeful progress toward your goals.

Ruschelle Khanna is a Lyme-Literate psychotherapist in private practice in midtown Manhattan. For over fifteen years she has assisted thousands of individuals and families in overcoming depression, anxiety, and severe mood disorders. Through her personal experience of Lyme disease, she assists clients and audiences in accessing the possibility of awakening through illness and pain. Ruschelle is the founder of the Fibromyalgia Summit Online and has written two books on spirituality and chronic illness. Her current project is to educate 10,000 mental health clinicians in understanding the impact of Lyme disease on mental health and quality of life.

We’ll explore:

  • Ruschelle’s story of giving her first talk.
  • How she turned her talk into a book.
  • Her 3-step format for crafting a talk.
  • Why Ruschelle never includes more than three main points in a talk.
  • How she approaches writing a book in a similar way to blogging a book.
  • Ruschelle’s writing process, including how she uses index cards.
  • Why it’s helpful to find a marketing expert when launching your book.
  • Why Ruschelle enjoys talking more than writing a book.
  • The importance of just getting started.

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