124 Show Up and Do the Work

124 Show Up and Do the Work – Tony Howell

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Artists, speakers, and authors often battle the “Resistance”—the term author Steven Pressfield uses to describe the forces that work against our creativity. Today’s guest shares how he has taken action to overcome Resistance and build his speaking and writing career while impacting thousands of lives.

Tony Howell is the Founder and CEO of Creative Social Media, an innovative start-up that teaches artists how to raise their profile, connect with larger audiences, and create new opportunities. In 2013, Tony piloted his first seminar, “Social Media in Theatre’’ at Actors Connection in New York to a great response. Fast forward and Tony’s spoken at Google, SAG-AFTRA Foundation, Actors’ Equity Association, Backstage, as well as at colleges, conferences, and events around the world.

Beyond speaking, Tony provides high-end website design and one-on-one consulting where business is also booming. Clients include Emmy, Grammy, Olivier, Oscar, and Tony award-winning artists, as well as students and seniors completely new to “the business” or “the web.” His job (and joy) is to “design your future”—helping make things, make things better, and make things happen.

We’ll explore:

  • How giving a lot of talks has given Tony clarity about his upcoming books’ content.
  • The value of keeping a talk simple.
  • How to “spin content” and repurpose it for different mediums and audiences.
  • Why speaking comes easier than writing for Tony.
  • Several productivity tools he uses in his writing process.
  • How speaking allows Tony to scale his business, and the way speaking is the beginning of the sales funnel.
  • How a book can impact your business.
  • Tony’s advice for those just starting on their speaking or writing journey.

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