148 How to Improve Your Speaking – Brian Massey

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You must be constantly improving if you want to continue impacting audiences. Today’s guest reveals how he used a negative experience as a catalyst for taking his speaking to a new level. You’ll also learn tips for preparing, rehearsing, and much more.

Brian Massey is the founder and Conversion Scientist at Conversion Sciences. He is also the author of Your Customer Creation Equation. Brian’s rare combination of interests, experience, and neuroses were developed over almost twenty years as a computer programmer, entrepreneur, corporate marketer, international speaker, and writer.

We’ll explore:

  • What Brian believes makes a good speaker.
  • A few of the speakers Brian admires.
  • Why Brian wears a lab coat when he speaks.
  • Brian’s preparation process for speaking.
  • How Brian improved his speaking and got out of a pattern of phoning it in.
  • Why rehearsal is such an important part of his preparation.
  • The reason Brian scans the room when speaking, rather than making eye contact with individuals.
  • Brian’s do-over moment.
  • Why Brian wants to be perceived as a valuable speaker.

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