130 Giving Before You Give to Your Audience

130 Giving Before You Give to Your Audience – Chanie Wilschanski

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We often think of public speaking as delivering information to our audience. But it’s much more than that. Today’s guest will help you understand how to give more generously to both your audience as well as those in need. 

 Chanie Wilschanski is an early childhood leadership coach and CEO of DiscoverED Consulting. Her leadership program is designed to help early childhood directors build a school of excellence and collaborative culture, as well as create an environment that fosters the growth of teachers as leaders. With over a decade of experience, she’s had the privilege of working with school leaders spanning six continents and twenty countries. Her writing has appeared in The Huffington Post, Medium, and Thrive Global. In addition, she currently directs the early childhood teacher training program at the Beth Rivkah College in Brooklyn, New York, where she lives with her husband and four children. 

 We’ll explore:  

  • What Chanie believes makes a great speaker. 
  • How to step into the world of your audience. 
  • Questions to help you understand your audience. 
  • Why Chanie always writes a check to a charity before she steps on stage, and some of the organizations she supports. 
  • What you should never do when speaking. 
  • Chanie’s “do over” moment, and why less is more. 
  • How to give to your audience without lecturing. 
  • Chanie’s morning writing routine. 
  • What you can do as a speaker to guarantee you will be heard. 
  • How to maintain a connection to the audience once you’re on stage. 

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