140 Be Clear That You Are Here – Charreah Jackson

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When you are speaking, it’s easy to be distracted by various concerns and not be truly present with your audience. Today’s guest reminds us that we need to own our moments, be present with the audience, and be in the room with who is in the room.

Before turning 25, Charreah had battled cancer, been laid off from her dream job, and found out she was the other woman in a new relationship … and that was her good news. The global empowerment leader realized early that her happiness always lives inside her own hands. Now Charreah serves as ESSENCE Senior Editor, the author of the upcoming book Boss Bride: The Powerful Woman’s Playbook for Love & Success, and an international speaker with stops in Amsterdam and South Africa this year. Join Charreah’s free Star Power Masterclass to unlock industry info to get booked by national media.

We’ll explore:

  • How Charreah’s family legacy led her to becoming a speaker.
  • What Charreah believes makes a good speaker.
  • Why having a conversation with people is different than preaching or talking at people.
  • How Charreah prepares for a talk.
  • Why a great magazine headline is similar to a great speech.
  • The importance of packaging content in a way that is easily digestible.
  • Why you should never assume you are smarter than your audience.
  • Charreah’s do-over moment.
  • Why the stage will always be a magical platform.

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