149 Command the Stage – Christine Miskinis

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As a speaker, you must bring an authority and command to the stage. But how do you do that? Our guest today will show you that it’s not about seizing command—it’s getting clear on your message, being your authentic self, and nurturing your voice. She shares practical strategies and insights to help you be more effective in your personal life as well as on the stage.

Christine Miskinis is a feminine Power Coach who focuses on teaching women how to tune in to their inner voice to express their authentic voice in their lives. She is the owner and founder of Rock It Out Woman. Christine has been seen multiple times on National Television (Dr. Oz), FOX5 NY, and she hosts her own weekly radio show, Rock It Out Radio, which is a voice for women. Christine hosted her first live event this year, Rock Your VOICE, Woman LIVE” in NYC with keynote speaker, Marianne Williamson.

We’ll explore:

  • Why the most dynamic speakers are those who command the stage.
  • The connection between your relationships and your effectiveness as a speaker.
  • How Christine prepares for a talk.
  • Questions to help you get clear on your message.
  • The importance of staying in your own lane.
  • Why you should never give your power away to what is happening around you.
  • How to deal with mistakes when they happen.
  • Why the actual sound of your voice is a key part of making an impact.

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