131 Be Vulnerable and Share Your Story

131 Be Vulnerable and Share Your Story – Daniel Thomas Hind

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What is the best way to connect with your audience? Is it by promoting yourself as an expert and master of our topic? Our guest today will help you see the counterintuitive wisdom of impacting your audience by being vulnerable and sharing your story. 

Daniel Thomas Hind is the founder of EvolutionEat, a transformational weight loss and lifestyle coaching company designed to help overwhelmed folks solve their eating, food, and lifestyle problems. Over the past few years, Daniel has specialized in helping busy executives and high performers become more productive at work and in life by prioritizing their health and overcoming unhealthy eating habits. And here’s the kicker … he’s figured out how to make the process fun, so that it lasts forever. Every week, tens of thousands of people read Daniel’s material to learn how to use psychology, mindset, and healthy habits to live a more meaningful life.   

Daniel has a free gift for you. To get the Master Your Diet, Master Your Mind exclusive online course just click here 

 Daniel also offers various online coaching programs and 1:1 mentoring. For more information, please email him directly at daniel@evolutioneat.com. Make sure to include “Big Talk Podcast” in the subject line. 

We’ll explore:  

  • Why eating well and living a healthy lifestyle is a skill you can learn. 
  • The importance of focusing on the process, habits, and mindset to get the results you want. 
  • What Daniel believes makes a good speaker. 
  • The importance of trusting yourself, being vulnerable, and sharing your story. 
  • How Daniel prepares for a talk. 
  • What it means to be prepared so you can let go in the moment. 
  • How Daniel uses meditation to stay centered, come into alignment, and be present to himself. 
  • Why Daniel hired a coach to stay committed to his morning routine. 
  • What you should never do in public speaking. 
  • What Daniel’s do-over moment would be, and why. 


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