143 Storytelling for Transformation – Jennifer Kem

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Many speakers understand the power of stories, but what is the goal of storytelling? Our guest today believes it’s all about transformation and giving the audience an experience. In this interview, you’ll learn practical ways to organize and select your stories, as well as other incredible tips to engage your audience.

Jennifer Kem is a brand strategist, marketing expert, and the creator of Master BrandTM, a program for small business owners based on the brand ideologies of larger, impactful brands. Her 17+ years of experience creating advertising campaigns, developing innovative products and services, and guiding C-level executives to align their business strategy with their brand (both publicly traded and privately held) has produced millions of dollars in revenue for companies like Verizon, Oracle, Microsoft, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and innovative start-ups in Silicon Valley.

We’ll explore:

  • Three core attributes of good speaking.
  • Three ways that Jennifer prepares for a talk.
  • Why Jennifer keeps a spreadsheet of all her stories.
  • Why it’s selfish to hold onto something transformational when you can give it to your audience.
  • The difference between a monologue and a dialogue.
  • Three ways that Jennifer organizes her spreadsheet of stories: her own stories, stories that inspired her, and fables & myths.
  • How Jennifer calms her nerves before a talk by doing an intention visualization (how it’s going to go) and thinking about three avatars in her audience.
  • Why you should always create intentional engagement.
  • Why every talk, no matter how long or short, should include a story.
  • Jennifer’s do-over moment.
  • What you can do as a speaker to guarantee you will be heard.

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