144 Own Your Awesome – Kristina Hallett

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Our guest today is here to remind you of one truth: you are awesome! She delivers practical tips to help you own your awesome on the stage by having fun, visualizing your success, and lots of other actionable advice.

Dr. Kristina Hallett is an executive coach, keynote speaker, board-certified clinical psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychology at Bay Path University. She is the author of Own Best Friend: Eight Steps to a Life of Purpose, Passion, and Ease. Dr. Hallett speaks internationally in several areas of specialty: productivity, resilience, communication, self-care, mentoring, and living your best life. She received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 1993 and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology. She is active in the Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology, the National Association of Professional Women, the American Psychological Association, and the E-Women Network.

We’ll explore:

  • The importance of having fun when you are speaking.
  • How Dr. Hallett prepares for a talk.
  • How you can use the same type of visualization professional athletes use.
  • Why you should never read your speech or slides.
  • Dr. Hallett’s do-over moments.
  • The importance of bringing water and wearing clothes that are comfortable when you are speaking.
  • One thing you can do as a speaker to guarantee you will be heard.

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