134 Connecting with Your Audience

134 Connecting with Your Audience – Mike Ganino

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What does an audience truly want from a talk? It’s not just about information—they crave an experience. Today’s guest reveals why it’s vital to connect with your audience instead of phoning it in, and practical ways to create a great experience for them. 

 Mike Ganino is a recognized expert in culture design and a speaker at national and international conferences. He specializes in creating unique, brand boosting employee experiences. Mike’s book Company Culture for Dummies will be published by Wiley in April 2018. He’s worked with category-leading companies like Lettuce Entertain You, ChowNow, US Foods, Potbelly Sandwich Shop, Uber, and Pressed Juicery. Mike developed his speaking skills as a corporate trainer and made them entertaining as an improv actor at world-famous Second City, Upright Citizen’s Brigade, and the Improv Olympics.  

 We’ll explore:  


  • The link between improv and speaking. 
  • What it means to say “yes, and.” 
  • The two core ideas of what it means to be a good speaker. 
  • Why connecting with the audience is so important. 
  • How Mike connects with an audience by remembering that they want to have an experience. 
  • Why you must have a vision for what you are trying to create. 
  • Unique rituals that Mike uses to prepare for a talk. 
  • Why you should never make anyone else look bad when you are on stage. 
  • Mike’s do-over moment, and why you should always wear a watch on stage. 
  • Why you should never try to the be the hero—the audience is the hero, and you are the guide. 
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