Episode 152 Channel Your Messag

152 Channel Your Message – Nicole Moore

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There are many methods speakers use to communicate their message. Today’s guest shares how she uses the concept of channeling your message in order to impact an audience. You’ll learn practical tips for preparation along with many other insights into becoming a more effective speaker.

Nicole Moore, love coach and founder of Love Works, helps powerful and influential women find a top 1% man and keep him. Nicole doesn’t teach women how to get love, she teaches women how to BE love so love flows to them effortlessly because it’s who they are. She believes that a woman who truly loves herself and her life is unstoppable. She is dedicated to helping women truly know and feel their worth. Nicole received her life coaching certification from NYU.

We’ll explore:

  • Why Nicole believes that everyone has the ability to communicate their message.
  • What Nicole believes makes a good speaker.
  • How Nicole prepares for a talk by thinking about the overarching message, the main points, and the stories that will drive the message home.
  • Your message is what’s important, and how you get there is unique to you.
  • The difference between a channeler” and a planner.”
  • The rituals Nicole uses to prepare for a talk, including meditation and breathing.
  • Why Nicole uses an outline rather than memorizing a talk.
  • Nicole’s do-over moment, and how she recaptured the joy of speaking.
  • The role emotion in getting an audience to take action.

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