Episode 151 Serve the Event, Not Just Your Message

151 Serve the Event, Not Just Your Message – Phil Jones

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You have prepared a message, possibly traveled, and have something important to share. Yet the message is not about you. Today’s guest shares why you are there to serve the event and deliver a memorable experience. He reveals lots of tips for serving the event by preparing, knowing your audience, and much more.

Phil M. Jones has made it his life’s work to demystify the sales process, reframe what it means to sell,” and help his audiences learn new skills that empower confidence, overcome fears, and instantaneously impact bottom line results. Author of five international best-selling books, he is the youngest ever winner of coveted British Excellence in Sales and Marketing” Award. Phil is currently one of the most in-demand assets to companies worldwide.

We’ll explore:

  • What Phil believes makes a good speaker.
  • The value of preparing for your talk, and the danger of underpreparing.
  • The key to getting your ego out of the way.
  • The questions that Phil works through to help him understand the audience.
  • How to control as many of the controllable factors as possible at a speaking event.
  • What it means to Show me that you know me.”
  • Why the opening of your talk is so important.
  • The importance of serving the event, not just your speech.
  • Why Phil doesn’t like to use a handheld microphone.
  • The danger of relying on too much technology for your talk.

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