136 Put the Audience First

136 Put the Audience First – Sarah Kaler

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It is easy to plow through a talk that you have delivered before. But is that what will serve the audience best? Today’s guest will help you understand why every talk must be relevant to the specific audience. She also shares lots of practical tips for putting your audience first and connecting with them.


Sarah Kaler is an executive leadership coach, consultant, CEO and co-founder of SoulPowered, a women’s leadership, research, and education company. For over twenty years, she has developed business leaders and CEOs at start-ups, nonprofits and Fortune 500 companies, including lululemon athletica, Facebook, Accenture, Cisco, Intel, Hilton Hotels, Levi’s, SoFi and Nature’s Path Food. Sarah has been featured in The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Yahoo News, Fox News, Thrive Global, Reader’s Digest, NYLON Magazine and more.


We’ll explore:


  • Why personal connection and storytelling are key parts of being a good speaker.
  • How Sarah prepares for a talk.
  • Why it’s important to think about the outcomes you want and then work backwards in your preparation.
  • How Sarah uses writing to help her improve a talk.
  • The importance of meditation, sleep, and self-care in Sarah’s success as a speaker.
  • Why you should not deliver a signature talk without knowing your audience.
  • The value of understanding your goals and intentions as a speaker.
  • What you can do as a speaker to guarantee you will be heard.


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