146 Never Take from the Stage – Sharon Pope

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What is your speaking really about? Is it about your, or about the audience? Our guest today shows why your speaking is all about your audience and solving problems for them. She offers a powerful reminder that you are there to give, not to take.

Sharon Pope is a certified Master Life Coach specializing in love, marriage and relationships. She is a six-time international bestselling author and has been published more than twenty times in various publications, most recently the Modern Love” column of The New York Times. She is passionate about helping women figure out what’s next for their struggling marriage after the kids are grown and gone so they can either make their marriage feel amazing again or lovingly release it and create what’s next. Sharon lives in Columbus, Ohio with the love of her life, her husband, Derrick.

We’ll explore:

  • What Sharon believes makes a good speaker.
  • The power of stories to help an audience see themselves in the situation.
  • How Sharon approaches vulnerability in her speaking.
  • The importance of having a servant’s heart toward your audience.
  • Sharon’s process for writing a book, and why she creates a vision board to guide her.
  • Several questions to help you determine what to communicate to your reader or listener.
  • The importance of remembering that it’s not about you.
  • Why you should be more concerned with solving a problem than being a good presenter.
  • The importance of practicing your talk and knowing your material well.

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