133 Nothing Takes the Place of Preparation – Susan RoAne

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The best way to serve your audience is to prepare thoroughly for your talk. We know that preparation is important, but what does it specifically mean? Our guest today breaks down her preparation process and shares lots of practical tips that will help you better connect with your audience. 

Susan RoAne is an in-demand international keynote speaker who, for three decades, has shared her message of connection and communication with audiences on stage, in print, and in the media. She is the author of the classic bestseller How to Work A Room (which has sold over 1.2 million copies in thirteen countries) as well as several other well-received books. Her clients include Coca Cola, the US Air Force, UnitedHealth Group, Yale University, Apple Computer, Procter and Gamble, authors@google, Stanford University, LinkedIn, The National Football League, and her personal favorite … Hershey Chocolate! 

We’ll explore:  

  • How Susan’s former work as a public school teacher helped prepare her for a career as a public speaker. 
  • What Susan believes makes a good speaker. 
  • Why presentation skills are so vital in public speaking as well as in life. 
  • How Susan prepares to deliver a talk. 
  • Why you shouldn’t memorize a talk or read from a paper. 
  • Susan’s ritual for preparing a talk. 
  • How being prepared allows you to improvise when needed. 
  • Why you should talk to people in the audience before you take the stage. 
  • Susan’s do-over moment. 
  • One thing you can do as a speaker to guarantee you will be heard. 


Interview Links
How to Work a Room by Susan RoAne
Connect with Susan by phone: (415) 461-3915