Episode 155 Impacting the Community through TEDxBuffalo

155 Impacting the Community through TEDxBuffalo – Alexandra Opiel

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Alex Opiel has seen consistent growth in the TEDxBuffalo event over the last eight years. On this episode, she shares her passion for TEDx, how the event is organized, and why speakers must be in love with their idea.

Alexandra Opiel is the director and license holder of TEDxBuffalo. Now in its eighth year, the conference boasts over 500 attendees and approximately nine speakers every October. Alex works full time in real estate development and has been involved with, and attending, TEDx events for over six years. A designer at heart, she brings an artistic and creative lens to her TEDx event, enjoying planning aspects such as graphic, stage, and activity design.

We’ll explore:

  • How Alex’s multi-faceted background has helped her plan TEDxBuffalo.
  • How the TEDxBuffalo has grown over the years.
  • Why Alex became a TEDx organizer.
  • What Alex looks for when curating the event.
  • The TEDxBuffalo application process for speakers.
  • Alex’s favorite thing about being a TEDx organizer.
  • Why it’s important to be in love with your idea as a speaker.
  • Alex’s favorite TED talk.
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